Talk Fusion Founder Encourages Paying It Forward


Bob Reina is the mastermind behind the most trending and fast growing video communication platforms in the world. Placing number 7 on the list of largest video communications companies in the world, Talk Fusion has been getting a lot of attention and frequent news mentions. Bob Reina is completely dedicated to his company, his employees and their success as a while. This approach has helped Talk Fusion land a spot on the top 50 companies in the Direct Selling Association.

Though Bob is known by close friends and colleagues to have a joking personality, he knows how to get down to business. He graduated number one in the police academy class, and also attended the University of Florida. It was while he was working as a police officer that he realized his desire to become an entrepreneur. While not completely sure of what he wanted to do, he knew that sales was a great start in terms of revenue and flexibility. Though his family and friends thought it was a bad idea to venture off into things that seemed so unstable in comparison to being a police officer, they supported his ideas.

Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 with the goal of helping people communicate with loved ones and network with other professionals all over the world via video chat. Bob has devoted much of his life to philanthropy and bettering others. He lives by the saying “With great success comes great responsibility”. With that being said Bob takes what he does very seriously. He knows that his clients depend on him to deliver the most innovative video chat platforms and it is extremely important to him that he meets their expectations.

Bob enjoys giving back to nonprofit organizations, and recently launched a program that gives Talk Fusion associates the option of donating a free account to a charity of their choice. By doing things like this, he hopes to promote the spirit of paying it forward. From fundraisers to personal donations and volunteering Reina is a true example of unity. His desire to help others has affected not only the nonprofits that he donates to, but others who are looking up to him as well. He is an inspiration and effortlessly encourages others to lend a hand wherever they can.

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Helane Morrison: Tough and Respected

Helane Morrison is one of the compliance officers that no one wants to mess with. Businesses that have to deal with her will definitely straighten up. For one thing, Helane Morrison has a passion for making sure that businesses operate in an ethical manner. She is someone with a thick skin. He can stand up to all forms of opposition. However, she wasn’t always the formidable force that she was. She has learned from a lot of mentors that have showed her what it is like in her field. One mentor that she has studied under is Harry Blackmun.

Harry A Blackmun has dealt with a lot of opposition when he has stood up for the rights of women. He has received a lot of threats from people. Helanie has learned a lot about what to expect from the industry of compliance officers. However, she has built the resolve in herself in order to deal with the businesses that are operating in an unethical manner. She has decided to take on businesses that are committing corporate crimes. Whenever she gets an economic predator report, she is right on it. As a result, her campaign is very effective.

Helane Morrison is someone who passionately fights against corruption. One thing that she fights against are businesses and corporations that prey on the desperation of people who are about to lose everything. Because of her efforts, a lot of institutions were revealed to have been involved in some unethical practices. There were a lot of deleted records and other evidences of corruption. Even though many people had no idea on how to proceed with the corruption that has taken place in the institutions, Helane Morrison has decided to take on the corruption. She has shown a lot of confidence and competence in straightening these institutions out. She has become a trusted compliance officer. She is now one of the leaders of Hall Capital.

The Work Of JustFab

Adam Goldenberg is one of the co-founder of JustFab. He was also the co-founder of Intelligent Beauty. His Gamer’s Alliance company company was sold in 1999 to Intermix Media when he was just fifteen years old. He decided to leave High School to take a job with Intermix Media. Soon at the age of twenty he became their Chief Operating Officer. It was at company Adam Goldenberg was able to connect with his now business alliance and good friend, Don Ressler.

They soon became such great friends, that when Intermix was sold to News Corporation in 2005, they started up Intelligent Beauty, which is an Internet Business. Goldenberg believes that in twenty years, mostly everyone would be shopping online. The two partners along with Kate Hudson began a new venture in 2010. This is now known as Just Fab. It’s a company that gives one access to the hottest and most fashionable celebrity style, for just a fraction of the cost. They raised $35 million from Matrix Partners in 2011. The company on is doing so well that it has now expanded into Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. With approximately $35m members.

Adam Goldenberg knows the reason why the company is such a great success, it is because they listen to what the customers has to say. They learn very quickly and adapted to changes, paying attention to the customers repeat orders. They are constantly looking at their numbers, this way they can keep abreast of any changes. He strongly believes in transparency, it helps everyone to make changes if any should occur.

When dealing with his brand he evokes passion. “Be passionate”, has somewhat become a slogan around the office. Spending time with his employees to make sure that they understand the business at, is what also counts for him. The main focus is definitely on the customers, without them they know they couldn’t have been this successful. Also, they realize that they have an awesome brand, that is reasonable price, which will not break anyone’s budget.

JustFab, Inc., is the parent company of Fabkids, Fabletics and Shoe Dazzle. The company has plans to open seventy five to one hundred new stores over the next three to five years. Goldenberg is also an investor at Crosscut Ventures, this company helps to grow business in the tech industry in Southern California.

Andy Wirth Interviews With Press Play’s Madeline Brand About Drought

California and the Western states of the United States have a history of drought and wildfires. It is not strange to see in the news that the West is suffering from lack of water resources and people are having to decrease the amount of water they are using.

What does this mean? A drought means that, for whatever reason, there is a shortage of moisture falling in the forms of rain or snow. What does this mean for the communities? This may mean no more watering gardens or yards, no more washing cars in your yard, or no more running the water for long periods of time.

Otherwise, people still can take showers, cook meals, wash dishes, swim in lakes or ponds, or snow ski. Recently, the drought has reduced the amount of water to the point of a 27% cut back on water use.

A recent interview with Madeline Brand of KCRW’s Press Play and Andy Wirth answers some of the questions everyone is asking about the winter season of Lake Tahoe ski resorts.

People are consumed by watching the news about the California drought. They are concerned how this drought will affect the future season in the mountains. Tourism is a large reason for concern.

Because of the dry year, Californians are asking what they can do to prepare for the possibility of a drop in tourism and possible lack of snow for the resorts. Andy Wirth has given the community much food for thought when he answers the questions during the interview. Yes, tourism is down but it does not have to kill the ski season.

Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas are experiencing less moisture from a resilient ridge. The ridge is preventing the low pressure from appearing over the mountains. Andy believes the resorts should position themselves so that they can take advantage of the years of increased snow.

Andy Wirth also believes that out of the 6000 acres over 4000 will still have snow for the skiers. This gives the resorts and skiers enough snow to enjoy a prosperous winter ski season.

Many people reading this may ask who is Andy Wirth? Andy is a leader in the community. He works diligently to see that California continues to prosper from the winter season. He is an advocate for the Nevada Airport and speaks highly of California issues.

He was born in West Germany. He attended college in Colorada and Scotland. Andy Wirth loves to ski dive, ski and participate in other sports. His wife is a lawyer and they reside in Truckee California.

Andy was instrumental in speaking out when the Alpine and Squaw Valley Merger was taking place. As CEO of Squaw Valley Andy Wirth will be looking out for the future of Squaw Valley Holdings and the ski resorts in the area.

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Wengie Gives An Explanation Of Her Korean Skincare Routine

Wengie is a brilliant fashion and makeup blogger who explains to women every day how they can make their faces look that much better with some simple makeup and skincare tips. Wengie is very good at what she does, and she has given a good look at the skincare she uses that comes from Korea. She wants to be sure that all women are very clear on how to use these products, and she wants these women to know that they have options for their skincare.

The Korean skincare that she uses is something that all women can try because it helps to treat the skin and keep it healthy. There are a lot of women who have very unhealthy skin because they are not trying a routine like this, but they will make a lot more progress if they are willing to try just one product that works for them.

The products that Wengie uses have a few steps to them that help to moisturize and treat their skin. It will help keep skin tone even, and it will show women that there is a routine that actually works for them. A lot of women get distracted, and they forget to try these things. There is a lot that can be done with just one routine, and that is why Wengie only offers the best options for women. Her skin is silky, pale and smooth because she is using something with sun protection in it. She wants to make sure that all people look their best, and anyone can get the skin she has with a little effort. There are a lot of women who are going to benefit from one of these programs, and they need to see how it works on them. There are a lot of women who are going to look amazing when they invest in just one product.

Women who choose to add to their routine will look better, and they will solve skin issues they have had for years. Every woman can benefit by watching Wengie. Her plan for skincare for outpaces everyone else’s.

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