How Analytics Help With The Sales Of Adam Goldenberg’s Business

There is a lot to running a business. There is definitely more to it than just getting the sales and bringing in the money. After all, it is important to maximize the sales of the company. For one thing, business owners need to know exactly what is selling. Fortunately, there are many ways to figure that out. Among the ways to find that out is by looking at the sales records and determining the frequency of certain items. The only thing is that this is time consuming on LinkedIn. There are other tools that people can use in order to figure out what items are getting the most sales.

Adam Goldenberg is one of the people that are analytical in their approach to business. He believes this is very important to the success of the business because it will save a lot of trouble. For one thing, there are some products that are often left over after the majority of the items are sold. There are many issues that come with this. For one thing, people need to know what to do with what is left over. Fortunately, this problem can be avoided. Adam Goldenberg takes a lot of precautions in order to reduce the overhead to its lowest possible level.

One of the things he does in order to make sure that Fabletics and the other brands of TechStyle sells every product that it offers is have the customer take a survey when he or she signs up. As they take the survey, Adam Goldenberg collects information on the items that the customers want. This makes it easier for him to serve the customer according to her distinct style. This also influences him on the products that the company creates and offers.

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Adam Goldenberg can also encourage the workers at TechStyle to put together some items that are very unique in order to attract new customers on When it comes to knowing which promotions work, Adam Goldenberg is the one who is able to figure out if a promotion is worth running. TechStyle has the perfect balance that will bring in the profits and growth.

Understanding Comparative Law with Sujit Choudhry

The Comparative Law is the study of legal systems and the relationship between the rules of more than one system, their difference as well as their similarities. Comparative law is the technique of contrasting legal systems and the comparison result to the various legal cultures analyzed. Comparative law plays a vital part in understanding foreign legal systems better. In the complexity and the intertwinement of the international private and public law as well as the era of globalization, comparative law plays a role in global integration and unification of legislation. By doing this, the international cooperation and the world become better.


There is an increasingly use of foreign laws by legislature while drafting new legislations. In many courts, inspirations from abroad are drawn. The importance of parallel legal system cannot be understated. The importance is not only for the comparative law academic discipline but also for particular areas of law.  Check this related site.


There are people with vast experience and knowledge in comparative law. Sujit Choudhry is an authority that is recognized internationally on comparative law as well as politics. He combines a broad range of research agendas with an excellent field experience as an advisor in the constitution forming process of countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Libya just to mention a few. Sujit Choudhry has given lectures in more than 24 countries. According to, most of his research addresses primary methodological questions in comparative constitution law. Structure design is used as a tool for managing the changeover from violent conflict to democratic politics characterized by peace, especially in areas prone to ethnic division. Sujit Choudhry has published more than 90 articles, working papers and book chapters.


Sujit Choudhry is a professor of law at the University of California. He also is the brain behind the foundation of Center for Constitutional Transition. The organization generates and also encourages knowledge in support of constitution making. Sujit Choudhry is also a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster.

Sujit Choudhry holds law degrees from three different institutions namely Harvard, Oxford, and Toronto. He also was a Rhodes Scholar, and a law clerk to Antonio Lamer the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada.


Vinny Parascandola Takes His Role As Senior Vice President To New Heights

The insurance industry has many insurance professionals who have become very successful in the insurance industry. One of the ways that a lot of insurance professionals start their career in the insurance industry is as an insurance agent. The path of starting a career as an insurance agent provides insurance professionals with the opportunity to learn many things about the insurance industry. Many insurance companies use the insurance agent position as the primary entry point for its insurance professionals.

As an insurance agent, insurance professionals have many responsibilities. One of the main responsibilities is selling insurance products and services. The selling of insurance is the focus of insurance companies. This is what insurance companies provide for its customers. This is why the insurance agent position is so important in the insurance industry. Although selling insurance is a priority for insurance agents, there are other important responsibilities that insurance agents provide such as assisting people with selecting the best insurance, helping people with insurance claims, and helping people keep their insurance coverage effective.

One of the companies in the insurance industry that has excelled in the industry is AXA Advisors. The company was established in 1816 as Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie. The current name of AXA Advisors was started in 1985. The main headquarters for the company is located in Paris, France.

AXA Advisors is a highly successful insurance company that has top brand recognition in the insurance industry. The company is a French multinational company with locations all over the world. With locations worldwide, AXA Advisors has many executives who help lead the company.

A current executive at AXA Advisors who started his career as an insurance agent is Vinny Parascandola. He is currently a Senior Vice President in the AXA Advisors New York office. As a Senior Vice President, Vinny Parascandola oversees large and important aspects of the business operations at AXA Advisors.

Vinny Parascandola has done an incredible job in his role as a Senior Vice President in the New York office for AXA Advisors. He has a wealth of experience in the insurance industry that he utilizes on a daily basis.

Eric Pulier Has a Knack for Launching Profitable Startups

It is a very difficult thing to start an online business from nothing and turn it into a profitable success that resonates with consumers. However, Eric Pulier has been able to achieve this feat numerous times. How does one person get the skill required to do what so many people fail at on a daily basis? This is a question that Pulier gets asked all the time. It is very easy to understand why. The failure rate is so high in the tech startup industry that many investors are extremely careful about who they invest their money with. Eric is one of the few people who investors know will give them a return on their money.

Getting money to launch a startup is a huge struggle for most people in Silicon Valley. A person usually needs to have a solid track record for investors to feel comfortable investing with him or her. It is almost impossible these days for a person to secure financial backing for a startup with no previous history of success launching other startups. Eric Pulier ran into the same problem when he was first trying to get his career started. He realized that investors needed to have a complete understanding about what they were investing in. This would make them feel more comfortable about their investment. Therefore, Eric perfected a way to create a pitch to venture capitalists that clearly spelled out what the startup will do in language that was easy to understand. He discovered that many more investors wanted to deal with him when he used that approach.

Eric also does research to help him figure out which products and services that his various startups should sell. Obviously, launching a startup that sells a product there is no demand for would be a disaster. His research is quite extensive and often involves polls of average people to find out what consumers are thinking. This info has served him well over the years. He also thoroughly tests the sites for all of his startups before they are officially launched. He makes sure there are no glitches.

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Todd Lubar Journey to Success

In the year 1977, Todd Lubar joined Sidewall Friends School in Washington DC . This year marked the beginning of a fruitful and prosperous future. 10 years later, he attended a High school in Hightstown. He then pursued an undergraduate degree in speech communication at Syracuse University. He graduated by the end of 1995.Lubar fortune came immediately after graduation. An opportunity came up, and he landed a job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Here, he nurtured his skills and left the company after five years of gaining experience. In the year 1999, he took a job with Legacy Financial Group. Legacy Financial Group provided an excellent platform for Lubar’s growth. He took this opportunity and used it to acquire knowledge in regards to loan brokerage. While in this firm, he got to associate and serve customers ranging from foreign investors to mortgage lending institutions.

By the year 2002, Lubar had acquired extensive experience in his field. With this knowledge, he founded Legendary Properties LLC, a company that purchased, renovated, and sold single family units. Later, the company ventured into the development of community housing. During this period, Lubar established relations with lending institutions and people involved in the real estate business. These banks would later provide a clear line of credit for Lubars’ businesses.

As a branch of First Magnus Financial Corporation, Lubar opened Charter Funding in 2013. The relationship of Charter Funding to its Parent company provided Lubar with broad access to funds. Consequently, this kind of access to wealth provided Lubar with an opportunity to expand his business with no financial constraints. During this time, Lubar carried out a survey to determine the number of underserved clients. As a result, he formed Legendary Financial. Legendary Financial was responsible for giving credit to customers whom otherwise, couldn’t get credit from other lending institutions. According to, over the years, Lubar had conducted over 7000 transactions that gave him a competitive edge when assessing the risk involved.

The mortgage industry underwent drastic changes in the year 2007. This effect caused Todd Lubar to seek other areas of investment. Among many others, he has invested heavily in demolition and real estate industry. He has also ventured into waste recycling and nightclub industries. While his primary goal was to venture into mortgage industry, he has since diversified

Today, Todd Lubar is the President and Chief Executive Officer of TDL Global Ventures. Source:


WIT E-library: A New Resource for Independent Researchers

The Wessex E-library is a goldmine for undergraduate and graduate researchers, as well as anyone doing research in the physical sciences, engineering, or the built environment. Unfortunately, many researchers working from home encounter paywalls constantly, making it difficult to do research away from their institution’s network. Moreover, independent scholars often spend a great deal of money to access online journal articles and other resources.


The Wessex Institute of Technology is a resource center located in England. The institute does not award degrees itself, but works with a number of partner institutions to host post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers. In addition, a central part of Wessex’s mission is to hold academic conferences in order to facilitate the transfer of information from academia to industry and vice versa, and to contribute to the overall state of knowledge in a number of scientific fields.


WIT’s e-library makes 28,000 papers and articles available from their many conferences and journals free. What is more, all free resources can be downloaded quickly and easily without registration. In fact, WIT’s publications, which cover 28 sub-fields, are well regarded and often referenced in prestigious journals from around the world. They are also indexed in most of the leading academic databases.

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Passionate about serving others- Erick Lesfkofsky

Nothing is satisfying as living a full life. A whole life cannot be achieved by one’s success but by helping others realize their goals and also live a full and comfortable life. Few people have been able to reach this kind of achievement; instead, they think success can only be achieved through material possession.

Erick Lesfkofsky was born on 2nd September 1969, and he was brought up in Southfield Michigan. Mr. Erick graduated from High School in 1987, and he proceeded to the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors in 1991 and later in 1993 he achieved his Juris in Law from the same institution. Erick Lesfkofsky is an entrepreneur, something he started while still in College. He began his first business by selling carpets at the University.

Erick Lesfkosfky is the co-founder of, and he is also the Chief Executive Officer of Tempus. Tempus is one of the leading companies that were founded on technology with a primary purpose of fighting cancer. His entrepreneurship continues by him being a co-founder and founder of several organizations including Up-take Technologies which is among leading companies which is known to deliver their products as well as services to top businesses in the world. Up-take Technologies is founded on a projecting systematic platform.


Mr. Erick is not 9only an entrepreneur, but he is also a man who has purposed to live a satisfying life by assisting others through his philanthropic activities. Erick Lefkofsky has collaborated with his wife Elizabeth, and together with her, they have established Leskofsky Foundation. The primary responsibility of the foundation offers support to educational, charitable, and scientific organization globally. Since the inception of the organization, it has helped more than 50 organizations which focus mainly on children. In 2013 the Philanthropic couple joined The Giving Pledge to serve the people better.

Erick Lefkofsky is also a leader who has gained leadership skills from his vast experience as an entrepreneur. Erick has led several organizations including the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago where he is the Director. Erick has been serving on the board of directors at the Arts Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry.

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Transform Your Inmate Calling Expense With A Leading Network Provider

You can get extended features that will allow you to stay connected to your loved ones in a correctional facility by utilizing the services provided by Securus Technologies. You can save more money than ever before while staying connected to your loved ones. Securus eliminates the need to commute to a correctional institution or locating an authorized agent. Thousands of customers rely on the Securus name to save money with their correctional communication expenses. A PRN Newswire article has named them the largest growing inmate communication facility in the nation as well as be chosen over competitor companies like Global Tel Link.


The Benefits Of Choosing Securus Technologies


You can video chat through a high definition video from  with a flat rate fee that will give you the benefit of scheduling the time and date of your visit. You can optimize your calling features with the benefits of setting the picture and sound. Just a few clicks of a button and you are in complete control of video chat. There are a number of resources that you can find from visiting their exclusive website. Take part in their limited benefits for first time users.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


You can get voicemail features that will allow you to leave an inmate an important message. This feature is great for their loved ones and legal representation. Tell them about important family details or a court appearance with a simple message that an inmate can retrieve when they have access to their account.


Advanced Pay Features


Pay for many telephone features in advance by using a valid debit or credit card. You must be 18 years of age or older to register for a Securus Technologies account. You’re invited to become a valued member today.

FreedomPop Provides Better Cell Phone Services

Free cell phone service is something that a lot of people may have never considered as a possibility before they heard of FreedomPop. There have been a lot of companies out there that have managed to get customers to take interest in cell phone service, but FreedomPop is at the top of list for the companies that have the lowest cost on cell phone services.


There is a basic plan out there that a lot of people are looking at for cell phone service that are free. This is all that some people need. Others may read a FreedomPop review on the unlimited service and decide to explore that avenue. There are just so many different options that people have when they connect with FreedomPop. These customers can even sign up for free Internet service in the home. That is something that makes people appreciate what FreedomPop is doing.


In the home environment the Internet Service Providers like Charter and Comcast are charging homeowners a small fortune for service. The average person that has both cable and Internet services are typically paying close to $200. Oddly, this is just for the basic packages. This doesn’t always include premiums channels or super high speed Internet services. The reality is that most homeowners would simply be better off if they signed up for service from a company like FreedomPop. They would not have to pay for an overpriced Internet service plan, and they could also sign up for cell phone service. This is easily a savings of about $300 a month, if not more. That is what makes it worthwhile to consider what this company may have to offer.


Everyone that sees the cell phone service plans that are out there today will know that it is going to be much more beneficial to sign up for this FreedomPop service. The great thing about all of this is that there is no contract to sign at any time. That means that the disgruntled customers that are not interested in staying with FreedomPop will not have to worry about doing so. They can just cut their losses – an ironic possibility to consider with a free service – and move on to something else. FreedomPop is that company that people can look forward to if they want to save. It is a great way to minimize your expenses without giving up your cell phone.