ClassDojo Finishes Second Round

ClassDojo, a free app used by teachers, has finished their second round of fund raising at 21 million. This start up has helped to close the communication gap between teachers and parents and eliminate the surprises between the infrequent parent teacher conferences. The new round of fund raising will go towards growth of the app and the hiring of more people on the team. ClassDojo has yet to turn a profit, but they hope to start making a profit with features that cost.

The co-founders Sam and Liam Don, based on the page, created the app with teachers in mind. They wanted to increase the positive communication between teachers and parents to improve the culture of the classroom. This app is used in 85,000 schools and they want to increase the usage. New features, like the growth mindset videos, have expands the audience for ClassDojo. The goal is to make a profit from features that parents may want to pay for to help with their child at home.

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ClassDojo has grown tremendously from a simple tool to track into a social media like app that helps to showcase the positive moments in the classroom. Features, like student story and teacher story, have given parents access to class moments that they would not have seen before.  Check 

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Securus Technologies Helping Families Protect Their Incarcerated Loved Ones

Imagine this harrowing scenario. One of your friends or loved ones has been incarcerated but continues to talk to you over the phone. You are very close with this person. They expressed fears and concerns about their fellow prisoners committing crimes inside of their prison. But your friend or loved one understands that they cannot be a rat inside the prison; they cannot tell law enforcement about their fears. If they do so, they will likely be hurt in an attack or ostracized inside the prison. What would you do?


Securus Technologies has come up with a software innovation that helps people in a situation like this. It is more common than you think.


If you were calling a friend or loved one in prison then you would be familiar with Securus Technologies. In fact, you would have an account with Securus Technologies because they are the telephone company that you would have to go through in order to talk to your incarcerated loved one. They make it clear right away that every single phone call you make will be recorded. But what you may not know is that these recordings are easily searchable with new technology.


This would allow you to have an open conversation on the recorded telephone call where your loved one can tell you all about his situation. You could then turn to law enforcement to have them listen in on that conversation retroactively. Securus Technologies new software innovation allows them to pull up that particular phone call in an instant. This would help your loved one out without them having to tell law enforcement directly. They could save face inside the prison while preventing crimes.


This is just one of the applications of this incredible new software from Securus Technologies. It is easy to see why law enforcement regards this company so highly.


Mr. Troy McQuagge

Mr. Troy McQuagge is reported by New Center Blog as the Gold winner in 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards. The eligibility for nominations for this prestigious award was based on certain criteria in respect of services provided, new products, corporate communications, innovation, marketing, teamwork, and a host of others. Mr. Troy McQuagge won this famous award based on the exceptional role he played as CEO at USHealth. He has over thirty productive years of experience in sales and insurance that translated his tenure into a remarkable rapid growth and profitability in USHealth. Prior to becoming the CEO of USHealth, he served as the President of HealthMarket Agency Marketing Group from September 1996 to March 2008. Prior to becoming the CEO of USHealth he also served as President of HealthMarket, Agency Marketing Group from September 1996 to March 2008. Mr. Troy McQuagge is described by his peers as one who is a real hero in his field a master motivator, a great visionary, successful team builder, has the ability to articulate his vision for his company and then lead his team. Mr. Troy McQuagge received his Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida in 1982.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Troy McQuagge expressed his appreciation to be chosen the most innovative CEO in the insurance industry by CEO World Awards. He reiterated that the recognition was not about him per se but more of a testimony to USHealth’s commitment to excellence and innovation. It is in the accounting; banking, financial and insurance industry based in Ft. Worth, Texas. It provides innovative health coverage for small business owners and self-employed individuals. The company is poised to adequately use the talents of its employees and agents as a strategy to sell its insurance products in the competitive market and provide outstanding customer services to bolster its operations. In 2016 USHealth launched a Month of HOPE to emphasize its mission, an acronym for “Helping Other People Everyday” initiated by Mr. Troy McQuagge. The company is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of other people and Tory of Facebook.

ClassDojo – The future of communication between teachers, parents, and students

Regarding achievement, ClassDojo has managed to raise $21 million for funding its tech venture. The technology is used to connect parents with the educators of their children. It helps with a consistent communication on social, behavior development, and student’s activities at school. Perhaps, proper communications help parents comprehend what their kids are experiencing and how they behave in schools on a daily basis.

According to the founders of ClassDojo, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, the company is currently using the fund in establishing its team and figuring out the future and content that are useful to parents who use the apps at home and not only during school days. Chaudhary understands that the idea behind new development is to help parents enhance the learning process of their kids. The apps established by ClassDojo allow teachers to snap chat with parents. They can take and send photos showing the latest activities of their students to parents.  Check

When ClassDojo was founded in 2011, there were lots of areas of specializations like grade books, the testing platform, and digital curriculum. However, the main area of concern to founders was how to create a culture of interaction between parents, students, and teachers. The company is even facing competitions from companies such as FreshGrade, Kickboard, and Nearpod. These companies are also interested in making sure teachers, parents, and students are connected.

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Currently, the company has 25 employees and has not generated any revenue. Its primary purpose when was established is to build a positive culture, which can help teachers encourage students to appreciate skills and value. This involves working hard, helping others achieve their goals, and being kind to one another. Students are given the opportunity of showcasing and sharing their learning activities. They can videos and photos to their portfolios. See those on


The EOS Social Media Connection

Just about every woman in the country carries several tubes of lip balm in her handbag. Often, bathroom counters in the home contain just as many lip balms. Clearly, lip balms are a popular product that are easy to take along. EOS lip balm is a new company. Over the last several years they’ve outsold many of the rival companies that have been around for decades. The Evolution Of Smooth or EOS produces purely organic and natural products that appeal to today’s young woman. Marketing Analysis shows that their appeal is growing and attracting more and more millennial followers daily.

A New Approach

EOS ( discovered a niche and filled that niche with their natural, organic, and aromatic lip balms. They designed their little orbs of lip balm to appeal to the female millennial that was hungry for the product. Their market research showed that Millennials preference was for a more natural product that appealed to the senses and was enjoyable to use. Older brand lip balms reached out to older women through traditional beauty magazines or family magazines. EOS realized that the best way to reach their targeted market was through social media,, beauty bloggers, and millennial celebrities. Thousands of bloggers eagerly endorsed their products, EOS developed a huge social media following, while famous Millennials actively advertised their products as Well.

Household Name

Today, EOS is one of the most popular lip balms on the planet. In fact, EOS is a household name in some homes. Just about everyone in the family has at least one of the EOS lip balms. In fact, statistics show that EOS sales on Amazon are up. The company sells more than one million lip balms a week, which is reportedly more than they sold in their first year on the market. Today, EOS also manufacturers creams and lotions. The company plans to add new products in the future.


ClassDojo Secures More Than $20 Million From Investors

San Francisco startup ClassDojo revealed it raised $21 million in venture funding for its technology that produces ground up education changes for teachers, parents and students.


General Catalyst led the company’s Series B round and new investors were made up of GSV, Reach Capital and SignalFire.


Hermant Taneja, General Catalyst Managing Director commented in a statement that he sees ClassDojo’s user growth comparable to a social network platform, such as Facebook, even though it is developed for education.


The 25-employee startup, which was established in 2011 by cofounders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, has raised $31 million in venture funding to date.  See additional info on


According to the cofounders, the funding will bring into play new content and attributes for not only the school day but also for home use as well as expand the company’s team.


The founders pointed out while there are similar offerings in the market, their app stands out as it is a user friendly app that creates a positive culture and community between all its participants.


Operating on all devices, including computers, phones and tablets, future features could make it possible for parents to pay schools using their phones for field trips, supplies or meals.

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ClassDojo, which builds the exchange of ideas between teachers, parents and students, is actively used in 90 percent of K-8 schools in the US and in more than 180 countries.  More of this on


The company has been awarded the TechCrunch Crunchie Award for Best Education StartUp 2015, Inc. 30 Under 30 For Education, 2015 and more.


ClassDojo Raises $21 Million Expand Parent-Teacher Communication Platform

ClassDojo has recently raised $21 million in a Series B round of funding as it continues to grow its innovative communication app that connects parents and teachers. The app has streamlined the way parents interact with their child’s teacher. If all goes well, ClassDojo will make the annual parent-teacher conference a thing of the past.


The app works in a similar way to many social media platforms parents are already familiar with. Teachers can post updates about a student’s performance, send photos and videos, and keep parents abreast of the goings on in a real-time basis. With this kind of instant communication, parents will never be surprised by a report card or progress report.


The app really empowers parents to take an active role in their student’s academic career. It is already being used in over 85,000 schools in the nation. This means that 2 out of 3 schools are using the technology. By building a ground up communication platform, ClassDojo is not only changing the way parents and teachers interact, but they may also change the way instruction is delivered to students.


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The app could be used to deliver customized instruction, lesson plans, and discussion guides directly to parents to share with their children. There is even a possibility that the app could be used to distribute digital versions of textbooks to students, saving schools large amounts of money.


ClassDojo co-founder, Sam Chaudhary sees the app as a tool to help parents support the growth and development of their children at school, something many parents have been seeking for a long time.  See related story on


The company has raised a total of $31 million since it was founded in 2011. As the app continues to be adopted by teachers across the country, ClassDojo will have a positive impact on the educational system going forward.  Source:


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ROC Nation Executive Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a phenomenal entrepreneur and a close friend to Jay-Z. Their friendship goes back to more than 20 years ago. She influenced Jay-Z to diversify from rap music and venture into streaming and this project is fast growing through the Tidal app. Desiree is known to have reputation for being fierce and does not relent on pushing the numbers in all of her business engagements. It is no wonder then that her position at the helm of Tidal has seen the music streaming entity start to turn around for the better.  Based on


Desiree Perez is known as the force behind her company SC Enterprises which she manages alongside her husband, Juan Perez. She also runs ROC Nation Sports. She is part of the administration that oversees ROC Nation’s publishing and labeling tasks.

Some of Perez outstanding works include negotiating for Rihanna’s Samsung deal and Beyonce’s Formation tour. Tidal has been struggling to cut its niche in the music streaming business and had managed to sign very few major albums exclusively. But with Perez at the helm that is rapidly changing. Recently Tidal rose to its highest point in iTunes.

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Desiree Perez uses her power in Hoval Circle of influence to seal some of Tidal’s business deals. The circle includes her spouse, Chaka Pilgrim, Jana Fleischman, TyTy Smith and Jay Brown. The application is now getting more popularity among users.

Tidal however still has to prove itself in a market with competitors like Apple music and Spotify who have the financial muscle compared to Tidal. Tidal is now focusing on signing new artists to add onto to their catalog as it targets young music fans.

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Music streaming can generate millions of dollars in income, and Desiree Perez is keen to do just that. With her connections and business acumen, she might just change Tidal from the underdog that it is known to be, to a large streaming application.

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