Dr. Clay Siegall:Over 30 Years Developing Better Cancer Treatments

Dr. Clay Siegal is the CEO, co-founder, chief fundraiser as well as the major moving force behind Seattle Genetics, a cancer research company based in Washington state. The company is in the forefront of the race to create new, better and more effective treatments for people suffering with different types of cancer. Since its was established in 1998, under Dr. Siegall’s direction the company has had a number of major breakthroughs. One of the most important was its development of the antibody-drug conjugate ADCETRIS. The drug gained FDA approval in 2011 and is now used worldwide.

It has been more than 30 years since Dr. Siegall first became involved in cancer research. Driven by his passion to improve the quality of life for cancer patients, he has played a seminal role in bringing very effective cancer treatments to the fore. He has worked with some of the top companies involved in cancer research and treatment development and has written a great many articles on the subject for over 70 publications. A graduate of both the University of Maryland and George Washington University, Dr. Siegall has had an award-winning career in cancer research.

His work with Seattle Genetics has been spectacular. He’s raised more than $1.2 billion dollars for the company, helped them create viable new cancer treatments and created lucrative partnership deals for the use of the treatments the company developed. But he’s not satisfied. Since he was a 19 year old watching his father struggle to battle cancer, he has been driven to create new tools oncologists can use to treat the disease more effectively. Dr. Clay Siegall has been involved in the development of better targeted treatments for cancer for 30 years and is still excited about his work and wants to do more.

Embracing collaboration with other innovators, industry leaders and oncologists has enabled Dr. Siegall and Seattle Genetics to grow and expand the reach of the technologies they’ve developed. And he remains committed to putting all the resources at his disposal behind new approaches and ideas to help cancer patients gain access to the best treatments possible.

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