Andy Wirth Interviews With Press Play’s Madeline Brand About Drought

California and the Western states of the United States have a history of drought and wildfires. It is not strange to see in the news that the West is suffering from lack of water resources and people are having to decrease the amount of water they are using.

What does this mean? A drought means that, for whatever reason, there is a shortage of moisture falling in the forms of rain or snow. What does this mean for the communities? This may mean no more watering gardens or yards, no more washing cars in your yard, or no more running the water for long periods of time.

Otherwise, people still can take showers, cook meals, wash dishes, swim in lakes or ponds, or snow ski. Recently, the drought has reduced the amount of water to the point of a 27% cut back on water use.

A recent interview with Madeline Brand of KCRW’s Press Play and Andy Wirth answers some of the questions everyone is asking about the winter season of Lake Tahoe ski resorts.

People are consumed by watching the news about the California drought. They are concerned how this drought will affect the future season in the mountains. Tourism is a large reason for concern.

Because of the dry year, Californians are asking what they can do to prepare for the possibility of a drop in tourism and possible lack of snow for the resorts. Andy Wirth has given the community much food for thought when he answers the questions during the interview. Yes, tourism is down but it does not have to kill the ski season.

Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas are experiencing less moisture from a resilient ridge. The ridge is preventing the low pressure from appearing over the mountains. Andy believes the resorts should position themselves so that they can take advantage of the years of increased snow.

Andy Wirth also believes that out of the 6000 acres over 4000 will still have snow for the skiers. This gives the resorts and skiers enough snow to enjoy a prosperous winter ski season.

Many people reading this may ask who is Andy Wirth? Andy is a leader in the community. He works diligently to see that California continues to prosper from the winter season. He is an advocate for the Nevada Airport and speaks highly of California issues.

He was born in West Germany. He attended college in Colorada and Scotland. Andy Wirth loves to ski dive, ski and participate in other sports. His wife is a lawyer and they reside in Truckee California.

Andy was instrumental in speaking out when the Alpine and Squaw Valley Merger was taking place. As CEO of Squaw Valley Andy Wirth will be looking out for the future of Squaw Valley Holdings and the ski resorts in the area.

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