ClassDojo Is Paving The Way For Parents To Be Fully Involved In Their Child’s Learning

There are many obstacles for teachers and students when it comes to the classroom. Communicating the exact needs of every child to their family is a major one of them. At least it used to be. Thanks to the new app called Student Stories for the ClassDojo format, parents can now be more in touch with their child’s development than ever before.

With this new application comes the ability to upload and share photos and videos of activities and school projects that would have otherwise gone mostly unnoticed by family members. Now those special moments and class projects will no longer slip through the cracks. This is great news considering that most parents only get to see homework and already finished assignments.

Every class has a QR code that can be scanned for easy access to the student’s portfolio. This makes it easier for the kids since they won’t have to write down or remember any passwords. The app has sparked a lot of interest and enthusiasm. So much so, that it has raised $21 million dollars in support of the new platform. This is an obvious statement from families that they want to be more involved in their child’s progress. It will also be a great tool for building bridges between schooling and the communities where the schools are located.

Liam Don, co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at ClassDojo stated, “Parents already loved seeing photos and videos from class on ‘Class Story,’ but wanted to see even more about their own child’s projects and accomplishments. And teachers wanted to give students more ownership over their work. Student Stories does both: gives students more of a voice and involves parents in learning moments they might otherwise never know about.”

If you’re not familiar with ClassDojo, it’s a learning and sharing application for teachers, parents and students to connect. It’s about empowering everybody involved in the learning process. This is especially true for young minds who want their families to know about the great achievements they’ve made in their schooling. It is also a great way for parents to learn exactly what their child may or may not be struggling with in their learning experiences.

Class Dojo is certainly a huge step in the right direction for schools. It’s also a testament to the fantastic new way that we can implement technology into the classroom experience. It is sure to make a massive difference for many people.

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