An Apartment Tour With Wengie


Wengie gives a tour of her apartment on YouTube so that others can see her style of living. From the beautiful music to the charming atmosphere, you can see the love and personality that Wengie has put into decorating her home.


The living room features a coffee table that has been made form an old trunk. Cute candles adorn the top of the table as well as a bowl of candies. A remote control box is placed on the side of the couch. Bright pillows are on the couch. A large picture of various shoes that Wengie owns is on one wall. The living room is a place that is happy and fun to be in after a long day.


Wengie has a makeup area, which is her favorite part of the home. There are several boxes that extend up along one wall. These contain some of her favorite pieces of makeup. There is a cushion that looks like a button on her stool that sits in front of her mirror. She has all of her perfumes, nail polish and foundations on the wall with coordinated flowers for each item.


There is a good bit of storage in Wengie’s apartment. A large table that holds her television in the living room also has several drawers and storage compartments. She enjoys flowers as they are seen on shelves and tables throughout her home. Decorative boxes line her walls and feature some of her favorite figurines. The bedroom features an open wardrobe and colorful floral prints on the walls.

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