A Moment with Patty Rocklage

Patty rocklage is an experienced psychotherapist. She treats her clients warmly and to the best of psychotherapy standards. She acquired her degree at the University of Southern California in 1981. Patty rocklage is truly one of a kind, and a psychotherapist to acknowledge and appreciate for the great work that she has done in helping individuals to achieve their personal growth. She indeed helps her clients overcome life struggles.

Some of the major categories of clients that Patty Rocklage deals with include: marriage and family counseling, couples and individual counseling. She practices psychotherapy in the State of Massachusetts, where she is licensed. Her excellent communication, coaching, and team building skills make her an easy person to interact with.

Patty’s Contribution to the Society

Together with her husband, Dr. Scott; a Ph.D. holder, they have contributed greatly to the University of Massachusetts Department of Technology; Chemistry Department. That was in the year 2016. Such an act shows the great love for the society, and the will to ensure that the field of psychotherapy moves forward. Another act of philanthropy is expressed clearly through Patty’s volunteering acts for the Sudanese education fund. The fund is basically used to help Sudanese refugees in Massachusetts get access to jobs and better their living standards.

Patty Rocklage and her loving husband currently live in Sudbury, Massachusetts. They are deeply felt by the community and have become highly regarded. She is also a mother of three. In addition, she is known to be a champion for environmental conservation. In fact she likes to blend modernity with the environment. What a quality to admire! and learn more about Patty.

She was once a member of the women’s board of South Sudanese Family Enrichment. She also held a position as a board member in SSEF.

Other Reference: pattyrocklage.yolasite.com

Eric Pulier – Entrepreneur and Founder of vAtomic Systems

Eric Pulier is one of the most prominent business entities in the United States. Since he was born, he worked hard to become oriented in business and technology, when he was still in fourth grade, he used to program computers to take commands on certain functions. Because his parents realized his business capabilities, he wanted to activate better business deals through innovation and technology. Eric Pulier is one of the biggest business technologists who has worked on the platform to activate his entities in the world. Eric Pulier is also a prominent philanthropist working to entertain capabilities on the internet. For those who are willing to activate working solutions in a way that is not paralleled in the industry.


Eric Pulier has founded more than 15 companies in the world. When he was developing the industry, he tried to achieve better business deals. Eric Pulier also worked to attain working solutions in a way that is not paralleled in the industry. Eric Pulier has raised more than $100 million to achieve better business through the founded companies. His philanthropic activities have spanned over the internet in a way that facilitates better business solutions in the industry. Eric Pulier is also a prominent public speaker who accepts better deals through agitated business capabilities.


Eric Pulier has invested in a wide range of venture capitals, for him to achieve business growth in the industry, he has partnered with venture capitals and charitable organizations in the world. Eric Pulier is one of the active investors in the agitated business capability. He has also worked to institute better business solutions through agitated business capabilities in the industry. Eric Pulier is a father of four children with one wife. The Los Angeles-based individual has activated business deals through instituted facility development capitals. Eric Pulier has also served as one of the greatest board members of the XPrize Foundation and the Innovation Board of America. Eric Pulier has also issued fast working capital management issues. He has also instituted the summer camp for children with chronic illnesses. During the time when he was graduating from college, Eric Pulier commenced his business deals in the country.