EOS Caters to Customers

EOS made their statement into the beauty industry loud and clear seven years ago, and the payoff is showing, as the brand has now exceeded weekly sales volume of one-time lip balm leader, Chapstick, with a weekly volume of more than one million units going out the door. Evolution of Smooth is the name, and catering to customers is their game. It is this exact philosophy that helped them overcome the challenges many new startups face, and beat the winning brand in such a short time span. EOS has introduced several other products to their line, but have never lost focus on what matters most; the customer.

EOS lip balms were made with TLC, and many Chapstick users hadn’t felt their product contained those important qualities in a very long time. The problem was that without competition and stuck with chapped lips, customers had no other options. According to Skin Care-AU, When EOS came about, millennials were enthusiastic to get a product that was made without toxins and harmful ingredients, that was available in assorted fruit flavors, and that made beauty fun once again. EOS exceeded expectations of so many, and continues to do so all these years later. And so, the brand is sitting pretty; on top of the world as a leading lip balm name. EOS lip balm products are available on your local Target and Walmart stores, and online on the exclusive Evolutionofsmooth.ca website and on Amazon.com.