WIT E-library: A New Resource for Independent Researchers

The Wessex E-library is a goldmine for undergraduate and graduate researchers, as well as anyone doing research in the physical sciences, engineering, or the built environment. Unfortunately, many researchers working from home encounter paywalls constantly, making it difficult to do research away from their institution’s network. Moreover, independent scholars often spend a great deal of money to access online journal articles and other resources.


The Wessex Institute of Technology is a resource center located in England. The institute does not award degrees itself, but works with a number of partner institutions to host post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers. In addition, a central part of Wessex’s mission is to hold academic conferences in order to facilitate the transfer of information from academia to industry and vice versa, and to contribute to the overall state of knowledge in a number of scientific fields.


WIT’s e-library makes 28,000 papers and articles available from their many conferences and journals free. What is more, all free resources can be downloaded quickly and easily without registration. In fact, WIT’s publications, which cover 28 sub-fields, are well regarded and often referenced in prestigious journals from around the world. They are also indexed in most of the leading academic databases.

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