ClassDojo Finishes Second Round

ClassDojo, a free app used by teachers, has finished their second round of fund raising at 21 million. This start up has helped to close the communication gap between teachers and parents and eliminate the surprises between the infrequent parent teacher conferences. The new round of fund raising will go towards growth of the app and the hiring of more people on the team. ClassDojo has yet to turn a profit, but they hope to start making a profit with features that cost.

The co-founders Sam and Liam Don, based on the page, created the app with teachers in mind. They wanted to increase the positive communication between teachers and parents to improve the culture of the classroom. This app is used in 85,000 schools and they want to increase the usage. New features, like the growth mindset videos, have expands the audience for ClassDojo. The goal is to make a profit from features that parents may want to pay for to help with their child at home.

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ClassDojo has grown tremendously from a simple tool to track into a social media like app that helps to showcase the positive moments in the classroom. Features, like student story and teacher story, have given parents access to class moments that they would not have seen before.  Check 

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