Facts you should know about OSI Group

With an annual revenue of close to seven billion dollars, the OSI Group is one of the biggest retailer and supplier of food products around the world. Currently owned by Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group has grown from a local retailer to a global retailer. In fact, the OSI Group has its presence in over 17 countries across the globe where it has established over 65 operating plants. Plans to further grow the company worldwide are underway as the company continues to acquire more food retailers and distributors across the globe. Recently acquired enterprises include Baho Foods located in the European countries of Germany and Netherlands.

While the company may be dealing with a variety of food products, common products in this sense include dough products, vegetable products, and beef products. Other than the mentioned products, the company specializes with other commodities such as poultry products, pork products, milk products such as ghee and cheese. In the Far East countries of Japan and China, the OSI Group is known as the meat supplier of Western companies working in these nations. These companies that rely on the OSI Group include Pizza Hut, Papa John’s Pizza as well as Starbucks and Subway among many other others.

The company is also an equal employer as it currently employees around 20,000 people across the globe. To understand the nature of their operation, the company pays a lot emphasis on environmental protection and pollution. For these reasons, they have won several awards for conserving the environment and offering their consumers healthy products. Since its establishment in the year 1909, the company has maintained its headquarters in the Illinois city of Aurora. Other offices for this company can be found in Riverside, California, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin as well as Geneva and West Chicago all found in Illinois.

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