Avi Weisfogel Gives Back Through Operation Smile And Education

Avi Weisfogel was born in 1972. It did not take him long to discover how much he loved sports and family. He is a fan of classic rock and hip hop music. He loves his puppy and he loves his job. Avi Weisfogel was born to help others and has taken this role very seriously. After receiving his Doctorate in Dental Science, he went on to open his own dental practice. He purchased Old Bridge Dental and began to make a name for himself.

Passion combined with his love of teaching led him to become part owner of Dental Sleep Masters. The Sleep Masters business gave Avi a way to lecture and teach other professionals how to look for more than a decay in a tooth. His love for finding the truth led him through many new adventures. One that he is particularly proud of is Operation Smile.

He saw a need for donations so he began a go fund me page for Operation smile. He also began helping other dental offices to set up a new system in their own offices. The new system helps the dentist to diagnose and treat patients while storing the records online. The new EMR or electronic medical record is a way of storing records and giving dentist more time with their patients.

Avi Weisfogel is always looking for new opportunities and ways to help others. He teaches dental professionals how to recognize signs of apnea. He also teaches them how to treat the patients with oral appliances. Why not help patients in a maximum manner. Why not help others learn to recognize things like enlarged tonsils or narrow airways. Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition that may go a lifetime undiagnosed unless others begin to take part. Avi saw a need and put programs into place to help with these needs.

Donations from Operation smile will benefit people that are unable to afford dental care. It gives dentists the ability to educate their community on how to care for their teeth. Operation smile gives surgeons the money they need to operate on children with cleft palates or lips. Go fund me Operation Smile will continue to benefit others with your donations. Check it out online.

USHEALTH GROUP, Saving Lives!!

USHEALTH Group is located in the Fort Worth, Texas. USHEALTH Group looks to become a center with freedom life insurance in America and also hopes for the national foundation insurance which is dedicated to providing innovative life insurance, disease insurance, accident insurance and even disability insurance solutions as well. USHEALTH Group has insured the lives of more than 15 million customers with over 50 years of plans.

There are different insurance plans for all of the customers, and USHEALTH employees believe that every customer they meet or interview has different needs and wants which they need to fulfill no matter what. USHEALTH believes that there is a choice for the customers and they are assured of themselves that their customers value the options that are provided by the USHEALTH because all options are the most suitable for every customer in every way. There are a lot of portfolios which are designed by USHEALTH and promises to promote the customer choice as well because USHEALTH does not force their plan on to their customer, but they listen to all the needs and wants of their customer and then makes a plan for the customer which is flexible, affordable and reliable.

USHEALTH has plans for all kinds of people. They are aware that not everyone is rich enough for these beneficial insurances. USHEALTH has plans for all standards. This allows all people to take full benefit of these life-long offers which covers the broad spectrum of the providers and offers a lot of other annual discounts for everyone to pay easily without any hesitation using the first dollar protection which assures that the insurance plan is protected.

The premium package by USHEALTH is for those who are willing to pay for extra coverage approach and can afford the package easily. This package is often purchased by the Government officials and the Businessmen because the middle standard or even the low standard are not able to purchase this offer and pay its annual insurance fees. This package does come in handy if a customer can purchase it because it is an all in one package which covers everything from up to down. USHEALTH group is truly revolutionizing the modern era.