The EOS Social Media Connection

Just about every woman in the country carries several tubes of lip balm in her handbag. Often, bathroom counters in the home contain just as many lip balms. Clearly, lip balms are a popular product that are easy to take along. EOS lip balm is a new company. Over the last several years they’ve outsold many of the rival companies that have been around for decades. The Evolution Of Smooth or EOS produces purely organic and natural products that appeal to today’s young woman. Marketing Analysis shows that their appeal is growing and attracting more and more millennial followers daily.

A New Approach

EOS ( discovered a niche and filled that niche with their natural, organic, and aromatic lip balms. They designed their little orbs of lip balm to appeal to the female millennial that was hungry for the product. Their market research showed that Millennials preference was for a more natural product that appealed to the senses and was enjoyable to use. Older brand lip balms reached out to older women through traditional beauty magazines or family magazines. EOS realized that the best way to reach their targeted market was through social media,, beauty bloggers, and millennial celebrities. Thousands of bloggers eagerly endorsed their products, EOS developed a huge social media following, while famous Millennials actively advertised their products as Well.

Household Name

Today, EOS is one of the most popular lip balms on the planet. In fact, EOS is a household name in some homes. Just about everyone in the family has at least one of the EOS lip balms. In fact, statistics show that EOS sales on Amazon are up. The company sells more than one million lip balms a week, which is reportedly more than they sold in their first year on the market. Today, EOS also manufacturers creams and lotions. The company plans to add new products in the future.