How Schools Can Eliminate Parent-Teacher Meetings Using ClassDojo’s Instant Messaging Tool

Of all the apps that have come into use in classrooms, ClassDojo may be the smallest yet most effective of them all. Where Facebook has been the online space for everyone to congregate at during there personal time, ClassDojo is starting to take that same role in classrooms across the world. It’s a simple app with a section called student stories where students and teachers can take photos or post announcements of class projects. Parents can instantly see those activities and if they have questions teachers can answer them immediately. Teachers now have the ability to tell parents immediately how students are performing and what they can do to help them study better, so now many schools are starting to use ClassDojo in place of parent-teacher meetings.

The popularity of this app isn’t hard to see when you consider the work that its founders Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don put into it. According to,  Chaudhary and Don graduated from college in the UK and traveled to the US to connect with various business communities in their endeavor to find ideas for a disruptive app. Education stood out to them as an area not addressed by most tech companies and they began searching for ways they could assist teachers with their app. They came up with a behavior points app that allowed teachers to award students bonuses for good cooperation. But Chaudhary and Don didn’t stop there.  Follow them and the App’s

The two entrepreneurs saw a chance to introduce a Facebook-like system into the classroom while still maintaining the focus on education, so they added student stories and photo streams. But they also wanted to introduce videos to teachers and students about mindset growth so that students would be encouraged to put an effort into challenging subjects. So they partnered with a Stanford research center to create a short animated series about learning abilities.

ClassDojo has gotten popular simply through teachers and parents telling others about it. Chaudhary and Don were able to attract venture capital suppliers to the app as it grew more popular but they wanted to save money by not using any advertising vehicles. So far ClassDojo has gotten $30 million in funding with the latest in 2016 being $21 million. So far Chaudhary and Don want to protect users from outsiders through hardening the app’s security layers and using authentication methods to beef up security. The app has not been monetized yet, but Chaudhary and Don say they are working on additional content that can be paid for while general use of ClassDojo will remain free.  Hop over to this.

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ClassDojo – The future of communication between teachers, parents, and students

Regarding achievement, ClassDojo has managed to raise $21 million for funding its tech venture. The technology is used to connect parents with the educators of their children. It helps with a consistent communication on social, behavior development, and student’s activities at school. Perhaps, proper communications help parents comprehend what their kids are experiencing and how they behave in schools on a daily basis.

According to the founders of ClassDojo, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary, the company is currently using the fund in establishing its team and figuring out the future and content that are useful to parents who use the apps at home and not only during school days. Chaudhary understands that the idea behind new development is to help parents enhance the learning process of their kids. The apps established by ClassDojo allow teachers to snap chat with parents. They can take and send photos showing the latest activities of their students to parents.  Check

When ClassDojo was founded in 2011, there were lots of areas of specializations like grade books, the testing platform, and digital curriculum. However, the main area of concern to founders was how to create a culture of interaction between parents, students, and teachers. The company is even facing competitions from companies such as FreshGrade, Kickboard, and Nearpod. These companies are also interested in making sure teachers, parents, and students are connected.

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Currently, the company has 25 employees and has not generated any revenue. Its primary purpose when was established is to build a positive culture, which can help teachers encourage students to appreciate skills and value. This involves working hard, helping others achieve their goals, and being kind to one another. Students are given the opportunity of showcasing and sharing their learning activities. They can videos and photos to their portfolios. See those on