Careers in Wessex Institute of Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology is an institution which is situated in England. Located in New Forest National Park, the institution is recognized for its promotion of research and development in the fields of science and technology. The Institute is usually referred to as WIT and it has a rich blend of professionals, academics as well as students.

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One of the things which set the institution apart is its diverse community. The institution also prides itself in a fully functional publishing press that publishes books and journals on diverse topics. For anyone who would like to study at Wessex Institute of Technology careers, the opportunities are many.Another thing which sets the institution apart is their career opportunities. You may work as a member of their faculty or apply for a position as one of their support staff. They also employ people to work in various capacities in their library as well as the Wessex Press.

Whether you want to be part of the organizers of the Institute’s annual conferences, or you want to teach, the opportunities are endless. All you have to do is consider applying for one of their job openings once they post them on their official website and other jobs search platforms.

Eric Pulier Has a Knack for Launching Profitable Startups

It is a very difficult thing to start an online business from nothing and turn it into a profitable success that resonates with consumers. However, Eric Pulier has been able to achieve this feat numerous times. How does one person get the skill required to do what so many people fail at on a daily basis? This is a question that Pulier gets asked all the time. It is very easy to understand why. The failure rate is so high in the tech startup industry that many investors are extremely careful about who they invest their money with. Eric is one of the few people who investors know will give them a return on their money.

Getting money to launch a startup is a huge struggle for most people in Silicon Valley. A person usually needs to have a solid track record for investors to feel comfortable investing with him or her. It is almost impossible these days for a person to secure financial backing for a startup with no previous history of success launching other startups. Eric Pulier ran into the same problem when he was first trying to get his career started. He realized that investors needed to have a complete understanding about what they were investing in. This would make them feel more comfortable about their investment. Therefore, Eric perfected a way to create a pitch to venture capitalists that clearly spelled out what the startup will do in language that was easy to understand. He discovered that many more investors wanted to deal with him when he used that approach.

Eric also does research to help him figure out which products and services that his various startups should sell. Obviously, launching a startup that sells a product there is no demand for would be a disaster. His research is quite extensive and often involves polls of average people to find out what consumers are thinking. This info has served him well over the years. He also thoroughly tests the sites for all of his startups before they are officially launched. He makes sure there are no glitches.

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Talk Fusion new site release

Talk Fusion direct selling company dedicated to video marketing products, presented its self this summer with a new design of the site and a new site

Talk Fusion was founded by Bob Reina. Bob began his career as a part-time employee in marketing while working full time as a police officer. He graduated first in his class at the Police Academy, and holds a degree in criminology from the University of South Florida. Beginning in the US in 2007, the video email product has expanded to more than 100 countries. Talk Fusion story began with a vision for a revolutionary product and the determination to achieve it.

In 2004, Bob wanted to send a 10 seconds video email to some friends. America Online said that this is not possible. Bob thought he could do it. With the help of a friend, dr. Jonathan Chen, IT genius, he achieved the seemingly the impossible and perfected the idea of putting a video in emails.

Beginning in the US in 2007, the success of their video email product, squeaky clean, has spread rapidly around the world. Today, Talk Fusion continues to grow worldwide. they have expanded into more than 100 countries and became the eighth of the largest providers of online video content in the world, surpassing industry giants such as Yahoo, AOL, Viacom, CBS and MegaVideo. Talk Fusion is a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and the Direct Selling Educational Institute (DSEI) in Dubai, an organization dedicated to ethical practices and professionalism working in direct sales. wants to be a powerful platform aiming to support its independent associates to transmit easier the vision and Talk Fusion opportunity. The platform highlights the benefits that Talk Fusion associations can enjoy, including rewards in the form of holidays and the opportunity to acquire a Mercedes-Benz.

Also in order to to support the efforts of associates, Talk Fusion Corporate Office launched an entirely new website: Those familiar with Talk Fusion will immediately recognize the inspiration for the new name of the site, which highlights one of the strengths Talk Fusion – instant payment. will provide for members with access the opportunity of a video presentation made by the founder and head of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, as an instrument through which associations can share the vision and his years of experience with both its team members and with potential customers.

“Our new video presentation of opportunity is unlike anything you’ve ever seen,” said founder and CEO Bob Reina. “It is powerful, inspirational and will change millions of lives and show everyone that Talk Fusion offers a better direction.”

New product presentation also provides a clear and comprehensive vision about the innovative features, functionality and benefits of Talk Fusion, all in one video marketing, says the company release.

Founded in 2007, Talk Fusion is present today in more than 140 countries and announced that the new site launches are some of the ways that the company plans to demonstrate its commitment to its partners.


Talk Fusion Founder Encourages Paying It Forward


Bob Reina is the mastermind behind the most trending and fast growing video communication platforms in the world. Placing number 7 on the list of largest video communications companies in the world, Talk Fusion has been getting a lot of attention and frequent news mentions. Bob Reina is completely dedicated to his company, his employees and their success as a while. This approach has helped Talk Fusion land a spot on the top 50 companies in the Direct Selling Association.

Though Bob is known by close friends and colleagues to have a joking personality, he knows how to get down to business. He graduated number one in the police academy class, and also attended the University of Florida. It was while he was working as a police officer that he realized his desire to become an entrepreneur. While not completely sure of what he wanted to do, he knew that sales was a great start in terms of revenue and flexibility. Though his family and friends thought it was a bad idea to venture off into things that seemed so unstable in comparison to being a police officer, they supported his ideas.

Talk Fusion was launched in 2007 with the goal of helping people communicate with loved ones and network with other professionals all over the world via video chat. Bob has devoted much of his life to philanthropy and bettering others. He lives by the saying “With great success comes great responsibility”. With that being said Bob takes what he does very seriously. He knows that his clients depend on him to deliver the most innovative video chat platforms and it is extremely important to him that he meets their expectations.

Bob enjoys giving back to nonprofit organizations, and recently launched a program that gives Talk Fusion associates the option of donating a free account to a charity of their choice. By doing things like this, he hopes to promote the spirit of paying it forward. From fundraisers to personal donations and volunteering Reina is a true example of unity. His desire to help others has affected not only the nonprofits that he donates to, but others who are looking up to him as well. He is an inspiration and effortlessly encourages others to lend a hand wherever they can.

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What About Bob?


Talk Fusion announced the release of its 30-day free trial campaign concerning its Video Marketing Solution program. Interested parties can sign-up for the trial at No commitment is required and you do not even need to provide any payment information, such as a credit card. All that is required is a name and email address. To help new users truly gain the most from their free trial experience, Talk Fusion has included a virtual library that is comprehensive in scope and includes tutorials, user guides, and white papers.

Talk Fusion is headed by their founder Bob Reina, who acts as their CEO. He is responsible for bringing Talk Fusion to the forefront of the Direct Sales business world. His company is currently ranked as seventh overall by the DSA-Direct Selling Association. He is deeply involved in community outreach programs in the Tampa Bay community and is a longtime supporter of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.

The former Hillsborough County Sheriff is renowned among his employees to take the time to get know everybody, no matter what level in the company they are at, and is highly respected by hand-on approach with the company he brought to fruition. He is a proponent of the possibilities and benefits of video-conferencing technology and the lucrative market that it brings to the table. He is known by everyone in his life for his love of his rescue dog, Bindi, who is rarely not at the side of Bob Reina.

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Shaygan Kheradpir Suits up for Coriant’s Top Job


Shaygan Kheradpir is a well-travelled and cultured man. He has always stepped up in both career and social life. It’s amazing how an engineering student and scholar morphed into a business and information technology guru.

Shaygan’s birthplace happens to be London, United Kingdom. His family relocated to Iran where most of Mr. Kheradpir’s childhood days were spent. Later in life, Shaygan Kheradpir traveled to Switzerland for tertiary education. At Cornell University and Aiglon College, he specialized in electrical engineering at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Mr. Kheradpir’s academic acumen made a strong platform to launch his career.

Tody, a new appointment as the Chief Executive Officer at Coriant Solutions marks the crowning of his career achievements. The board at the tech company chose Shaygan purposely for his sharp business mind and nous in technological innovation. Coriant’s business base has been growing exponentially over the past five years. Their level of operation presents huge leadership demands on the CEO and the management Board.

Previous positions held in similar capacity include at Juniper Networks, a networking from in Silicon Valley. Shaygan managed to bring in more business at the company while elevating the standards of customer service. The Barclay’s retail banking franchise also utilized Shaygan’s genius mind. Perhaps Shaygan caught the world’s attention when he became the Chief Information Officer at Verizon, impacting heavily on operational efficiency automation and service diversification.

Shaygan brings sobriety in decision making as well as the experience in servicing other companies with communications technology. Indeed, three decades in telecom and financial services for Shaygan acts as enough proof he can handle the demands of the new position. The job won’t be easy by any means; Coriant have managed to lure some of the top global telecom companies and providing satisfactory service will be the challenge. Also, they will have to traverse the globe in over 100 destinations to consult their customers.

Another area of strength for Shaygan is his human resource management skills. He has always had a way of rallying employees towards the common goal. At Verizon for instance, he structured staff in working groups to facilitate the formulation of innovative solutions. The same strategy could prove successful at Coriant Solutions especially with the heavy demands of clients.

It was also revealed that Shaygan has been working closely with Coriant’s management in his capacity at Marlin Equity Partners. Therefore, he will have all prerequisite information on the company profile.

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Talk Fusion Launch Revolutionary New 30 Day Free Trial


Bob Reina is the founding father of Talk Fusion. A revolutionary new marketing solution that is usable by anyone. Whether a private home user or large corporate customer, the Talk Fusion Suite will provide the user with a simple to use set of application that covers all areas of video marketing. The idea behind Talk Fusion came about by pure accident when Bob Reina back in 2001 wanted to send a short video clip to friends and family. He soon realized that this was not a simple cut and paste endeavor. He went as far as to contact his ISP at the time, AOL, who kindly told him that this was not possible.

Bob Reina took the idea and shared it with a close friend and IT expert and together they developed the Video Email application which was one of the first applications to launch from Talk Fusion. The application suite has since expanded to 4 separate products. Each addressing a unique part of the video marketing platform. Video chat, video newsletter, video email and live meetings now make up the Talk Fusion suite.

The newest product launch at Talk Fusion is the launch of their 30 day free trial. A 30 day period where customers can get a chance to experience the best video marketing solution available. Customer no longer have to make a financial commitment when using the Talk Fusion Suite. An email and name are the only 2 pieces of information required to get started.

The Talk Fusion platform allows home users and corporate clients alike the opportunity to communicate more effectively with their audience. No longer does it take several hours to put together a newsletter. Simply choose from a variety of different templates and embed the video message directly into it. A simple 10 second video can grip an audience and portray a message better than most text and has been the marketing tool of choice now for a few years. Take advantage of this trend and try out the innovative Talk Fusion Suite.