Eric Pulier Has a Knack for Launching Profitable Startups

It is a very difficult thing to start an online business from nothing and turn it into a profitable success that resonates with consumers. However, Eric Pulier has been able to achieve this feat numerous times. How does one person get the skill required to do what so many people fail at on a daily basis? This is a question that Pulier gets asked all the time. It is very easy to understand why. The failure rate is so high in the tech startup industry that many investors are extremely careful about who they invest their money with. Eric is one of the few people who investors know will give them a return on their money.

Getting money to launch a startup is a huge struggle for most people in Silicon Valley. A person usually needs to have a solid track record for investors to feel comfortable investing with him or her. It is almost impossible these days for a person to secure financial backing for a startup with no previous history of success launching other startups. Eric Pulier ran into the same problem when he was first trying to get his career started. He realized that investors needed to have a complete understanding about what they were investing in. This would make them feel more comfortable about their investment. Therefore, Eric perfected a way to create a pitch to venture capitalists that clearly spelled out what the startup will do in language that was easy to understand. He discovered that many more investors wanted to deal with him when he used that approach.

Eric also does research to help him figure out which products and services that his various startups should sell. Obviously, launching a startup that sells a product there is no demand for would be a disaster. His research is quite extensive and often involves polls of average people to find out what consumers are thinking. This info has served him well over the years. He also thoroughly tests the sites for all of his startups before they are officially launched. He makes sure there are no glitches.

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