Cancer Treatment Centers Partners For New Cancer Treatment Platform

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) have partnered with NantHealth and Allscripts to integrate a new computer program, eviti. This new system accesses the patient’s electronic health record and seamlessly integrates personalized treatment options in the doctors plan of care.

This system will not interrupt any of the doctor’s paperwork, but will give the doctor access to a vastly compiled list of treatment options, and clinical pathways complied by hundreds of oncologists. This program also holds up to date, cancer treatment information and drug regimens, with fully listed side effects, to take any guesswork out of the course of treatment a patient and the doctor should take.

CTCA makes care of the cancer patient more centered and effective by custom treating the patient for the type and stage cancer that is being treated. Cancer treatment plans are offered according to the patient’s overall health and any preexisting conditions the patient may have. Included in this system is the Evidence Based Medical Library with 2700 regimes covering all cancer types, sub types, and modalities.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have five locations: Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa that treat those adults affected with cancer. CTCA approaches treatment by taking care of the whole individual: body, mind, and spirit. They offer the latest in oncology, immunotherapy, and Genomic testing, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. The patient and doctor work as a team in deciding on a course of treatment that will be of maximum benefit to the patients’ health. To learn more about Cancer Treatment Centers of America, please click here.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Making Positive Changes To Their Treatment Options

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is working with 2 companies, Allscripts and NantHealth to provide custom treatments and access of hundreds of oncologist and cancer care data that is crucial in the evolving cancer treatment world. This helps doctors with the right treatment options that are available to patients nationwide. It cuts out the guess work by keeping the data up to date with current research. This gives control to the patients to review treatment options and chose what is safest for them.

This new integrated system allows for the latest in treatment options and care. The system shows custom treatment options, the patient, their health and disease specific. It offers comparisons between the treatments, including the cost of the treatment and delivery of the treatment. It includes evidence based approaches that meet the patient’s needs. The improvement of their quality of life is their goal, especially during cancer treatments. It provides access and up to date information about reactions of medications and the toxicity levels. They can quicken approval from insurance companies by providing the data needed to support the treatment option that is needed.

According to Wikipedia, this project begin in 2016 with the mission to aid providers and patients with treatment options and solutions to their treatment needs. It offers countless evidence based solutions from the medical based library. This gives providers access to real time treatment options all cancers of any type. This system is available for use at the five Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a nationwide network that includes five hospitals. They serve adult patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. They approach the care and treatments offered to patients with the latest of advancements in cancer treatments. They use treatments that are evidence based and that improves the patient’s quality of life during and after treatments. They deliver the best care and patients experience that care on the level they need while they go through cancer treatments.

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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America; Redefining Oncology Through Technology

As the world evolves, every sector is adapting to technology advancements. The latest institution to embrace new technology is the Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA). By incorporating eviti®, a cutting-edge expert system, CTCA will have unlimited access to the Allscripts health database. The system was developed in conjunction with Allscripts and NantHealth.

The program, dubbed the Clinical Pathways, smoothly integrates with the current infrastructure, thus assisting doctors in cancer treatment without interfering with their schemes of work. The operating system running the program (NantOS) was designed by leading oncologists, sourced from a myriad of locations across the country. For this reason, it is all-encompassing in matters regarding the subject of cancer.

George Daneker, an executive at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, praised the initiative, saying that it covers all possible remedies for cancer. He further stated that it acts as a reference for oncologists, thus eliminating the possibility of deductive reasoning, particularly when a unique case of the disease is involved. He concluded by saying that Clinical Pathways provides an array of treatment options, from which patients can choose the most appropriate.

The program was rolled out in 2016 with the primary objective of providing patients with a comprehensive cancer treatment solution. The incentive has proven to be a success so far, having vastly improved the selection of the proper chemotherapy procedures. This, in turn, has enhanced the excellence of patient care availed by CTCA.

About Cancer Treatment Centers of America

This institution was established in 1988 with the aim of providing personalized and superior health care solutions to cancer patients. By integrating cutting-edge infrastructure as well as embracing genetic research methods, CTCA has developed revolutionary therapies as well as a host of other cancer-related services.

Moreover, CTCA hires highly competent individuals, who play a fundamental role in their ground-breaking efforts. For this reason, the enterprise has made significant leaps within a relatively short period.

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