Enterpreneur.Com and the Search Cleanup Present Reputation Management Help

Entrepreneur.com covers scores of different topics related to entrepreneurism and success at business. Reputation management is one of those subjects anyone interested in business success positively must become familiar with. Entrepreneurs and business proprietors positively must become familiar with what reputation management entails. An article published on Entrepreneur.com should help with the cause of learning more.

Online reputation management focuses on fixing up problems with disastrously negative commentary appearing in the search engines. A bad review or the release of private internal company controversies end up being indexed in the search engines. Unless specific work is done to fix things, the results in the search engines create a bad image for the company.

Reputation management has to be performed by experts. There is more to the job of improving an online reputation than just adding a few nice reviews. A complete digital marketing approach has to be taken in order to yield the most desirable outcome. Searchcleanup.com offers the services of these experts.

Entrepreneurs may overreact to mean-spirited content, which would be a mistake. Getting into online spats with those who published derogatory content would be a hugely bad move. No one ends up looking good after getting into it with “haters”. Business owners are better served directed positive comments and promotional deals towards their loyal customers when bad content shows up online. Doing so may put customers who come across the derogatory material online may be put at ease upon reading such content.

Entrepreneurs, as the article suggests, should remind themselves why they got involved with launching a business in the first place. Use this to stay motivated. Don’t let online haters cause deviations from this cause.

As for dealing with the actual bad press and troubling online content, seek help and support from professional reputation management fixers. (http://searchcleanup.com/ is a solid resource for such support) With the right source of help and support, scores of search engine mishaps and online hating can be brought under control.

Talk Fusion Launch Revolutionary New 30 Day Free Trial


Bob Reina is the founding father of Talk Fusion. A revolutionary new marketing solution that is usable by anyone. Whether a private home user or large corporate customer, the Talk Fusion Suite will provide the user with a simple to use set of application that covers all areas of video marketing. The idea behind Talk Fusion came about by pure accident when Bob Reina back in 2001 wanted to send a short video clip to friends and family. He soon realized that this was not a simple cut and paste endeavor. He went as far as to contact his ISP at the time, AOL, who kindly told him that this was not possible.

Bob Reina took the idea and shared it with a close friend and IT expert and together they developed the Video Email application which was one of the first applications to launch from Talk Fusion. The application suite has since expanded to 4 separate products. Each addressing a unique part of the video marketing platform. Video chat, video newsletter, video email and live meetings now make up the Talk Fusion suite.

The newest product launch at Talk Fusion is the launch of their 30 day free trial. A 30 day period where customers can get a chance to experience the best video marketing solution available. Customer no longer have to make a financial commitment when using the Talk Fusion Suite. An email and name are the only 2 pieces of information required to get started.

The Talk Fusion platform allows home users and corporate clients alike the opportunity to communicate more effectively with their audience. No longer does it take several hours to put together a newsletter. Simply choose from a variety of different templates and embed the video message directly into it. A simple 10 second video can grip an audience and portray a message better than most text and has been the marketing tool of choice now for a few years. Take advantage of this trend and try out the innovative Talk Fusion Suite.

Using SERM Tactics to Manage your Online Reputation

Search engines such as Google give your first impression. Any client or employer will search your name on the internet first before scheduling an interview or meeting. The Google search results for your name may surprise you if you have not been checking your online reputation consistently. The results could explain why a client ignored your email or call. The impact of negative media has changed and cannot be ignored. A few decades ago, people would forget bad press in a day or two. Today, bad press is a permanent record. Any negative news spread to traditional media, blogs, and social media.

You do not have control over what people post about you online. However, you can use Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) tools to help clean up your online reputation. Reputation management firms such as searchcleanup.com use the same tools techniques applied in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The tools used in SEO help businesses to rank high on search engines for their most valuable phrases and keywords. With effective SEO strategies, a company’s website appears among the first search results when a visitor uses optimized keywords to search the internet.

SERM reverses the results of SEO. The cleanup techniques push down any bad press or outdated news instead of ranking them high in Google search results. New posts, current headlines, and news replace the outdated headlines. Hence, a reputation management company will push your outdated and negative search results down. The company will replace past headlines with new posts that reflects your current reputation. Anyone who searches for your name online will find the new posts.

Businesses and individuals cannot ignore their online reputation. Negative online reviews will ruin a company’s reputation and competitiveness while compromising images on social media damages an individual’s reputation. With current SERM technology, you can manage what people see when they search your name or your business’ name online. Everybody makes mistakes, which may attract public attention. A bad online reputation can ruin your offline reputation that you have worked hard to build. Contact a reliable cleanup company like searchcleanup.com to ensure that the digital platform gives you or your business a fair representation. Check out Search Cleanup on their Facebook page.