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Here Are Some SaaS Companies That Are Dominating The MarketplaceHere Are Some SaaS Companies That Are Dominating The Marketplace

 SaaS companies are firms that deal with software management services. They help individuals to access software and internet services. It means that most businesses will depend on these firms to store, host, and manage data. Customers will need to pay a subscription fee to get the necessary software services. It is so reasonable to note some of the best SaaS companies you can work with for unique software services. Here are these SaaS companies to look out for your business.

 • HubSpot

 Founded: 2006

 Headquarters: Cambridge Massachusetts, USA

 The initial SaaS Company one can depend on is HubSpot. It is a firm that manages web analytics, social media, and content management services. For the perfect means to market your business with internet services, it is wise to think about this firm.

 • SurveyMonkey

 Founded: 1999

 Headquarters: San Mateo, California USA

 When it comes to online survey services, it is good to think more about SurveyMonkey. It is a great SaaS company with great tools for data analysis services. It is also impressive with data representation services.

 • Asana

 Founded: 2008

 Headquarters: San Francisco, California 

 Asana is an excellent firm well-known for its project management tools. From this company, you can manage different projects under one platform. You can as well manage your team and assign tasks easily to each team member.

 • SAP Concur

 Founded: 1993

 Headquarters: Bellevue Washington, USA

 When managing travel plans, it is best to ponder on SAP Concur. This firm has practical tools good for traveling management plans. It shows that you can handle your expenses, invoice, and trips using tools from this company.

 • MailChimp

 Founded: 2001

 Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia USA

 Another brilliant marketing platform you can rely on is MailChimp. MailChimp is quite popular due to its all-in-one marketing sites. Here, you get to schedule emails as well as track each mail for marketing purposes.

 • Slack

 Founded: 2009

 Headquarters: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

 Communication is significant when handling business deals. It can be accurate with Slack Company. It is a major SaaS company with chat software in video conferencing and messages within your company.

 • Canva

 Founded: 2012

 Headquarters: Perth Australia

 The other great company that offers SaaS products is Canva. The thought firm has created an exceptional tool for online designs. From its software, you can now create unique designs using special features such as drag and drop.

 • Adobe

 Founded: December 1982

 Headquarters: Mountain View California USA

 Adobe Company is the firm behind software for digital marketing platforms. Due to creative experts from this company, you can publish, market and print all kinds of advertising materials. It is still among the most significant companies for digital advertising products.

 • Shopify

 Founded: 2006

 Headquarters: Ottawa, Canada 

 Shopify is a company dominating e-commerce services. It has four different products to boost online stores and marketing plans. It is taking over in retail Point of Sales (POS). 

 • Microsoft

 Founded: 1975

 Headquarters: Redmond Washington, USA

 Last but not least is Microsoft ( This firm is quite relevant with software products to help in managing different businesses. Its Microsoft PowerPoint has good ratings in computer software for business presentations.

Final thoughts

 It is pretty crucial to have the right company to back your investment and data. With the above companies in SaaS products, your online marketing and data management needs cannot be the same. It is right to pick a product that matches your investment needs from these firms.